by Peter Jenkins FRAS


Some of the photographs on this site were taken using an Atik383L+ mono camera.

More recent images were taken using a  QHY163M+  and my current camera (an Atik Horizon Mono CMOS) which is cooled to -25°C.


An 7 position ATIK EW2 filter wheel is attached and fitted with 36mm unmounted Astrodon LRGB and Narrowband filters (Ha, OIII and SII) - Supplied in the UK by Ian King Imaging .


A Moonlite focuser, fitted with a Lakeside Stepper motor, is controlled by a USB connection and used for autofocusing.


All 12v and USB connections are through a Pegasus Astro Ultimate Power Supply.  


All equipment is controlled remotely using a Windows 10 computer.  My mount, a Skywatcher EQ8, imaging Camera, guide camera, filter wheel, rotator and focuser are all controlled in this way.


Image capture is using Sequence Generator Pro and Processing is achieved using PixInsight 1.85, Adobe Photoshop CC, Astronomy Tools for Photoshop and RC Astro GradientXTerminator.

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