by Peter Jenkins FRAS


Most of the photographs on this site were taken using an Atik 383L+ mono camera which operates at -25°C.

An ATIK FW2 filter wheel is attached and fitted with Astrodon LRGB and Narrowband filters (Ha, OIII and SII).

A Moonlite focuser is fitted to the scope and focusing is automated using a Lakeside Stepper motor.  


All equipment is controlled remotely using a Windows 10 computer.

The mount (A Skywatcher EQ8 Pro) , imaging Camera, guide camera, filter wheel and focuser are all remotely controlled.


I have automated my capture regime which is achieved using Sequence Generator Pro.


For image processing, I use PixInsight 1.85, Adobe Photoshop CC, Astronomy Tools V1.6 for Photoshop and RC Astro GradientXTerminator.

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