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My current setup needs many connections. Most equipment is powered by 12v supply and connected via USB to a computer for software control.


Here is a list of equipment with the essential connections as shown.


Main imaging camera (Atik Horizon) - 12v and USB

Filter Wheel (Atik EFW2) - 12v and USB

Guide camera (QHY5II) - USB only

Mount (Sky-Watcher EQ8) 12v and USB (see mount details for cable used)

Focuser (Lakeside stepper motor) 12v and USB/Serial cable

Rotator (Rigel Astrosystems) 12v and USB/Serial cable

Dew bands (one on guide scope one on imaging scope) - 12v variable supplies

Pegasus Astro Ultimate Power Supply - 12v and USB

Stabilised power supply (240v in and 12v out)

Connection to computer USB (USB3.0 active repeater) needs 5v power supply





The photograph above was taken a few years ago but illustrates well the tangle of cable needed to power and connect everything (a few new things have been added since then) It is easy to see how cable snags can occur during an imaging run - this problem is worse if using a tripod as there are more places to snag!


These photographs (above) show early attempts to move all cabling and attach everyting above the mount. There remained only two connections down (USB out and 12v Power in) so much less chance of a cable snag ruining an evenings imaging!


My current wiring utilises a Pegasus Astro Ultimate Power Supply - everything is connected to one box - power distribution and a built in USB Hub.


The other end of the Active repeater USB 3.0 cable. 

240v to 12v power supply (Note front socket supplies 5v to USB Active Repeater



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